Thermocouples, RTD's, humidity transmitters and controllers, liquid level switches, continuous level transmitters. Temperature sensor products include high temperature models and sanitary probes.

RTDs: Complete line of RTD's (Resistance Temperature Detectors). Whether it be -200°C applications in liquid oxygen, 20°C for duct mount sensors in HVAC applications or at 800°C in an oven, we have an RTD designed to meet your needs. Sensors can be supplied complete with thermowells and transmitters.

SANITARY SENSORS: Our product line includes sanitary sensors used in food, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries. RTDs and thermocouples are available with any standard type and size of sanitary process connection. Custom sanitary sensors with built-in transmitters are also available.

THERMOCOUPLES: Operating temperatures range from -200°C to 1260°C (-320 to 2300°F) for base metal types, and for higher temperatures up to 2700°C (4900°F).

TEMPERATURE TRANSMITTERS: Standard or isolated, for all thermocouple and RTD types. RTD transmitters are linearized and available in hockey puck or larger EMI shielded DIN rail type. T/C transmitters are available in linear or non-linearized models, hockey puck and miniature surface mount.

LEVEL SWITCHES: Capacitance and conductivity types are available. Coated and un-coated probes, insulators and process connections of all types are available. Standard 5 Amp relay, N/O or N/C contacts, is capable of controlling most circuit components.

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