Who holds the remote monitoring control for your business ?

* Can you be sure your application is still running properly?   We are always able to notify you! 
  * Tired of paying costly monthly fees for supervision?   With our system fees are eliminated!
   * Preferred being called upon when a problem occurs?    By phone, cellular, PC and pager! 
     * Would you like to minimize down-time?   The best way to save on unexpected costs!

A monitoring and supervising package for your applications offering a complete data acquisition system with a very effective and low cost guard against failures. Your application will never again be left unattended when a problem does arise. Perfect for applications when minimizing down time is of essence such as: Ovens, Refrigeration, Ventilation, Food, Dairy, Boilers...
Alarms:  You will be contacted by phone or pager identifying the precise area of breakdown, no central needed. Price:  The most affordable and complete data acquisition unit on the market. Price/channel ratio is unbeatable. 
Flexibility:  Non proprietary system that can grow to suit your changing needs. Software included:  Windows based software for managing, supervising and configuring with historical data.

                                                 Worldwide Patent Pending

Remote Communication
8 Analog Inputs configurable for: RTD Pt-100, mV.,0..4/20mA. 
Linearize 4/20 mA analog inputs corresponding to Thermocouples E, J, K, T, S, R, B and N
8 Alarms
8 Digital Inputs
8 Digital Outputs
Operates in Stand alone mode or in a net with up to 255 units  (Expandable using RIO series for a low cost non display option)
  Communication via modem for long distance monitoring.  4  zones or more depending on the number of critical points in your process.

Preventative maintenance and self diagnostic, will remotely call, via phone with 2 way communication, the service personnel needed to respond to the problem.

Controlling is also possible if needed

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