Molytek - 2702A Multi-point recorder and Data Logger
Molytek - 3702A 32-Channel Portable Recorder and Data Logger
Molytek - 4702A Table Top Datalogger
Molytek - 4702RTU Rack Mount Datalogger


Genuine parts
Genuine Molytek parts are available for those customers who wish to repair their own instruments.

                                                                                Part number

2702 Print Head                                                       M801464 
3702 Print Head                                                       M801863 
2702 Print Head Cable with Connectors                   SPM8O1775 
3702 Print Head Cable with Connectors                   SPM8O1868 
Print Head Rod Rubber Insert                                   SPM702678 
Print Head Drive Chain                                             64101601 
Print Head Motor                                                     SPM8O1766 
Chart Drive Belt                                                       64101701 
Chart Drive Motor                                                   SPM8O1767 
Clutch Assembly                                                      SPM8O1799 
Chart Light Bulb with Leads                                     SPM8O1787 
75452 Print Head Drivers (E25-28)                         8PM805025 
75453 Print Head Drivers (E25-28)                         SPM805026 
MUX Chip (ElOl-lOs, 108)                                      70912801 
RAMs (E23, E24)                                                    70912301 
6502 Microprocessor (El 0)                                     70911701 
6522 VIA Interface (El 4-16)                                   70911801 
Lithium Battery                                                         72800901 
Line Fuse - 1 A, 250VAC                                        72101501 
Plug in line Cord                                                       73604301 
Writing Platen                                                           M780077
Input Terminal Cover                                                M701836 
Keyboard Assembly                                                 SPM8O1733 


Standard Input Board                                                     SPM8O1737 
Standard Input Board with Upscale Break                      10122001 
High Common Mode Input Board with Top Panel           5PM805098 
High Common Mode Input Brd. with Upscale Break      10122201 
Display Board                                                                SPM8O1 723 
Digital Board                                                                  5PM802144 
Central Unit Digital Board                                               M801931 
Central Unit Multiplexer Board                                        SPM8O1990 
DC to DC Converter                                                      SPM811573 

Alarm Relay Kit - Rear Panel Mounting                         SPM801906
Thermocouple Upscale Break Kit                                  SPM801999
Thermocouple Quick Disconnect (32 channel)               SPM805089
Thermocouple Quick Disconnect (16 channel)               SPM805095
Panel Mount Jack Screws (2 required)                          M811601
Six Color Print Head                                                     M670370


Installation, Operation Manual 
Maintenance, Trouble shootng Manual 


0 to 150 DEG                                         M414475
0 to 200F                                               M414456
0 to 250 DEG                                         M414472
0 to 300F                                               M414484
0 to 600F                                               M414483
0 to 800 DEG                                         M414453
0 to 1200 DEG                                       M414455
0 to 1600C                                             M414462
0 to 1650C                                             M414520
0 to 2000 DEG                                       M414480
0 to 2500                                                M414449
0 to 3000 DEG                                       M414465

-300 to 1200                                          M414458
-20 to 120F                                            M414507
-l0 to 90                                                 M414467

-300 to 300, 0 to 1200                           M414491
0 to 800, -200 to 200                             M414463

0 to l00, l00 to 0                                     M414446
0 to 100, 100 to 0                                   M414450
0 to 300, 300 to 0                                   M414476


Complete repair service
Complete repair services are available to our customers also.

Instrument Calibration
Customers may send their instruments to PSI inc. for NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable calibration with before and after adjustment data.

Sandy Picone