New Programmable Controller Series incorporating advanced state-of-the-art PAC technology with Function Blocks programming. 
Provides PID autotuning with Fuzzy-Logic, continuous and relay outputs, step by step and heat cool control. Fully configurables by Loop-Win tool in PC through RS-485 Modbus communication as standard.

· PAC Technology (Programmable Analog Control)
· 32 Preprogrammed Function Blocks 
· Fully programmable by Loop-Win software tool for PC
· Thermocouple, Pt 100 and special sensors input
· PID Autotuning with Fuzzy Logic 
· Continous or time proportional relay outputs
· Step by Step and Heat-Cool control modes 
· Up to 4 programmable alarm blocks 
· Configurable insulated analog output 
· Logic and Arithmetic functions 
· Includes Transmitter power supply as standard
· RS-485 Modbus Communication as standard 

Preprogrammed Function Blocks and Loop-Win software tool 

· Preprogrammed Function Blocks
Consist in a independent and structured functions, that are part of the general firmware embeded in the FLASH-PROM memory of the instrument. 

The Preprogramed Function Blocks are virtual blocks that work as specific component inside the instrument, similar to those classic structures that were used long ago with commercial discreet components such as: 
· Amplifiers 
· Linearizers 
· Calculators 
· Integrators 
· Counters 
· Timers
· Positioners 
· PID Calculators, etc.

· Loop-Win programming software tool
It is a software tool that allows an easy programming of all the embeded Function Blocks, to configure the function and modify the parameters of all the LS-3000 Series, as well as the future HS-7000 Series, and also all the models compatible with the DCS-8000 and/or FCS-8000 systems. The Loop-Win software tool allows also to calibrate all the Series, facilitating this task

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