Our products
Partlow Future Design PSI Remote Monitoring System 

Controllers, recorders, and limit devices for temperature, pressure, flow, level, humidity, etc...

New generation of Controllers and Recorders. Detailed information accessible anytime and anywhere via your computer.

A complete monitoring and supervising package for your applications. With this system you will be contacted by phone or pager identifying the precise area of breakdown. This system is supported by the most effective and user friendly data acquisition unit on the market today.

Rustrak Suco PSI

Strip Chart Recorders

New generation pressure switches and vacuum switches.

Sensors, thermocouples, RTD's and accessories, portable thermometers, transmitters and digital indicator.

Druck Tribo MolyTek

Pressure transmitters

Dust and Gas detectors

Complete data acquisition and supervisory control.

Hitech KPSI Recold

Level controls, radar,  contact and non contact, laser, microwave, piezo ceramic, sonic and ultra sonic.

Pressure transducer for pipeline monitoring, pump pressure, pressure and vacuum, submersible, steam pressure, gas, fluid pressure, lubricating oil, hydrostatic pressure for tank level measurement, chemical tank levels, etc...

Portable or wall mount temperature recorders, small size.

We are also specialized in drying & curing rooms in the food industry